Welcome to Healing Waters Academy ~ Healing Waters Health Center Sister Site

Meet the Instructors 

 Susan Schultz 

Healing Waters Owner

AcuEnergetics® Teacher


Level 1

Level 2


I have always known that I love empowering people. I became an occupational therapist because I could teach people how to help themselves.  So when I became a teacher of  AcuEnergetics® meditation, it fed my soul!  It never gets old when I hear a student feel they are feeling calmer and experiencing less anxiety.  Or that they have a new awareness of themselves or others. Meditation is medicine for our soul and I am so very grateful to have a platform to share it with others. 

 Denise Gunderson

Healing Waters Owner

AcuEnergetics® Teacher

First-Aid Basics

Level 1

Level 2


I am passionate about sharing valuable and transformational information with those ready and willing to receive it. 

My life-long lessons alongside my training with Kevin Niv Farrow and AcuEnergetics® have given me the platform to share life-changing information, techniques, and skills to aid in self-development and personal growth. 

My life is enhanced when I give the gifts of this knowledge to others.  

 I love teaching students in our classes as well as in their one-on-one sessions. 

Healing Waters Academy

Healing Waters Academy is a division of Healing Waters Health Center. 

The center was our first baby, it came to life in 2018 when we became business partners. At the center, we treat clients using AcuEnergetics®.  

We quickly realized teaching students, empowers them to stand in their greatness. Sharing knowledge on their own body and power of the mind for their personal growth and wellbeing. It is the beginning of the process of understanding HOW they are, should be the most important thing in their life.

This is why Healing Waters Academy was born. To create clarity and growth for clients and students. 

The Academy is home to online and in-person training. We believe in today's world more than ever we should and need to meet in person, to connect and grow together. So whenever possible we teach in person.

At Healing Waters Academy. you learn about your personal wellness and how you can help others heal physically and emotionally.  

Not all students become clients and not all clients become students. With both entities existing side by side, we get to meet and serve at the level you are ready. 

We never get tired of sharing how amazing our work is on such a deep level. Daily we get to witness lives change creating a richer, more enhanced life for our clients and students.

Each day we count our blessings that we get to support, love people and create change. 

4-Week Meditation Class

Join Susan in this instruction and practice. 


Learn 2 simple and powerful meditations.


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            First-Aid Basics                       One-Day Workshop          

Join Denise and learn a hand skill helping yourself and others.


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Level 1

This is the beginning of a deeper understanding of the body's bio-electrical system.

Seeing and understanding the body from this perspective changes how you have been taught and look at life. 

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All Levels

Read and hear about all the  AcuEnergetic® levels. 
What it has to offer and how it benefits students. 

With these trainings, you can become an AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer and Practitioner.

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