Healing Waters Academy


A division of Healing Waters Health Center.

Located in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley in Stillwater, Minnesota.

6150 Oren Ave N. Stillwater, MN 55082


In-person workshops


Healing Waters Academy  


Holistic Education for the Curious Mind.

 AcuEnergetics® in-person workshops. 

Learn hand skills to help yourself and others' body, mind and spirit.  

Helping yourself and others get relief from pain and injury.


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The Perfect Triangle™


3-Week Online 

Personal Empowerment Program. 

Achieving Confidence, Balance, & Stillness in Your Life.

What makes the Perfect Triangle™ different than all other self-discovery and relationship-building programs?

It is a cutting-edge, simple-to-follow weekly interactive engagement. With immediate feedback on your personal needs, assess your wants and issues.

Master the art of your inner strength and empowerment, you have the wherewithal to be the cause of your life rather than the effect of it. 

Live your life on purpose.

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