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AcuEnergetics® is a healing modality treating the body, mind, and emotions. Resolving ailments by getting to the root cause of physical and emotional pain -- changing lives, one person and one family at a time.

The Perfect Triangle™

This proprietary program helps you understand yourself better and empowers you to make lasting and desired changes in your life.  Creating richer relationships, lasting changes from within yourself. The results are incredible, sustainable, and enriching.  

The Perfect Triangle

is Coming Nov. 1st, 2022

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AcuEnergetics®  Level 1 testimonials


My favorite part was learning specific techniques to help others.  I am so excited to have learned the circulation of the light balance and all the first aid.  It was so exciting to actually feel the energy myself.  I am excited to help family members and myself become healthier. 

Eileen H.

I am going to use AcuEnergetics to heal myself!   Thank you both so much for your beautiful hearts and for making this healing center and important work available.  I am so very grateful for you both. My biggest takeaways are that I can do resonance on myself and how that works, learning about being open and closed, and the 2 meditations we learned.   Cari L.


Thank you for having a curious nature that brought you to this point in your lives that allows you to help others! 

I enjoyed learning about the Circulation of Light wellness balance and experiencing multiple sensations from energy flow in my body.       

Lannette S.


Sandi Alexandar

“The Perfect Triangle” was time well spent.

Today I woke up with a clearer understanding of myself, my patterns, and my ambitions.

I was given signposts to relationship goals, tools for managing the unknown, and a clearer path to the more fulfilled life I‘ve imagined for myself.

I learned that my usual reaction to fear and frustration, ie: “protection mode” - “shields up”- closing myself, disconnecting myself, doesn’t actually protect me at all, it’s actually part of the problem.

Opening my heart to all of it, creates a happier, healthier life for me and those around me. Wow! Mind blown !!

I can’t recommend this class and all Healing Waters has to offer enough.

It is a safe place to learn and grow.