AcuEnergetics ®

First-Aid Basics Workshop

One Day Workshop

In this amazing workshop, you learn the hand skill Resonance, used by senior practitioners to treat clients with physical and emotional pain.

Help yourself and your loved ones feel better. 

Learn how to give relief for:

Stomach issues

Tummy pains

Bowel issues

Vomiting and nausea

Sleep issues

Newborn reflux/upset

Acid reflux (adults)


Burns/bumps and bruises

Sore throat


Period pain

Anger, anxiety, worries, and fears


Behavior issues

At the end of the workshop, you will go away with valuable ways to help your loved ones feel better.  

This method is safe to treat friends and family of all ages. 

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Listen to what Liz experienced


How Laura is using AcuEnergetics® days after learning her new hand skill. 


Kristine uses resonance to help her back pain.