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AcuEnergetics® Level 2  

4-day workshop

What You Will Learn & Experience

  • To go deeper in your meditations to still the mind and open the heart.
  • How to increase your sensitivity to energy.
  • The Second Gate energetic opening technique.
  • How to open your energetic centers and entrain others.
  • The second stage of Releasework is to release held emotions that cause illness in the body.
  • How to give a Sacral Balance. Beneficial for pain in the spine, legs, and spine in the pelvic area.
  • How to give an Energy Center Balance. Ideal to have during times of emotional stress.
  • How to give a Thrusting Channels Balance.  Increases energy and improves the immune system.
  • How to open the energetic Wind Gates of the body. Excellent for abdominal pain, Irritable                                      Bowel Syndrome, poor digestion, bloating, and tension in the abdomen. 
  • How to open the Three Spinal Gates. Helps ease pain and tension in the whole spinal column.
  • How to open and balance the Stomach 4’s. Eases pain in the hip, back, & pelvis, also ideal for people who          have a difference in leg length.
  • To open more of the pathways of the energy body.
  • A refresher on how to use Radiance and Resonance hand techniques for healing illness.
  • Two ancient Sephiroth meditations were used for opening the light body.

 AcuEnergetics® Level 2

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The AcuEnergetics® Level 2 training course takes the initial training in Level 1 to a deeper and more powerful level. It builds on the basic treatment methodologies taught in Level 1 and introduces AcuEnergetics® Energy Center Balancing and entrainment. You learn six new AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances as well as how to direct your attention to awaken energy centers in the body.

The aim of Level 2 is to bring students to a point where they can easily access the energy needed to practice energetic healing and gain self-mastery of the techniques of energy center entrainment and specific AcuEnergetics® treatment techniques.